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Jagged, emotional by product of life, different and original. Lost and free........
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Rough Demo new one coming...
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Vocals: AngeLisa Lyrics, Music: Clint
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Follow my eyes into the abyss, running in circles you surely won't miss , this lifes so hard to conquer on your own just step inside now look at how you've grown........
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Minutes are Like Diamonds
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Dark Demo....
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Lisa did the vocals for this one........I wrote the lyrics and music and did the guitar
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Lost years enveloped within a scream for the present. We are all powerless, at thy(e) knees of time.
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Reach out find nothing, what you thought you had was never there...
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All words and music C.J.R.P.
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C.J.R,P.- Lyrics, Guitar T.S.-Vocals Christmas In Black
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Apologies for the horrible mix, if I only knew then what I do now... Cont. in lyrics/story. 1999 all words and music C.J.R.P. Onesfear Publishing/Autumn Eve
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