Golgotha Outlaws
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Modern Electronica drawing froma wide variety of dance music genres both past and present. Never affraid to try a new idea and always on hand to provide a remi
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Peak in sub-genre #8 1
Uplifting euro house chords combined with intelligent beats and harmonised arpeggios. Uplifting female vocals and a killer hook.
Peak position #45
A combination of euphoric trance and dream house elements plus a catchy vocal.
Peak position #97
Uplifting House sounds and a light airy vocal
Peak position #65
A classic house sound with a really strong Christian message, Golgotha OUtlaws return to their roots fusing music and faith.
Peak in sub-genre #23
Gordon Boss remixes 'The Old Man And The Sea' by The Dirty Hemmingways. A large slice of vocal dubstep that keeps the original soulful vocals and mixes them with the finest in dubstep sounds, keeping the original dub stlye of off beat alive.
Peak in sub-genre #20
aradise Garage is a house sound with a real classic feel, bringing together many elements of the classic house sound to create a familiar and rewarding sound experience.
Peak in sub-genre #26
Starting with a fairly commercial trance sound, this track morphs into Goa Trance and then builds to a massive crescendo, building energy all the way.
Peak in sub-genre #15
Electro House and its housiest (is that even a word?!). Full on beats plus vocals from Ken-L (Used with prior agreement under a creative commons licence)
Peak in sub-genre #43
Funky house with a touch of Daft Punk style sounds **Explicit Lyrics**
Peak in sub-genre #93
Golgotha Outlaws return with the latest track from the forthcoming album, 'Cacophonous Wank'. A mix of oldskool hardcore and hi nrg sounds, there are plenty of uplifting sequences, killer riffs and helium vocals.
Peak in sub-genre #35
Classic dance floor electro house. Smooth Electro sounds with pumping house beats and samples from a 1993 speech by John Major
Peak in sub-genre #19
Peak in sub-genre #23
Oldskool Hardcore breakbeat sounds and vocals from C'hantal 'The Realm'
Peak in sub-genre #12
A mix of electronic nu breakz, African tribal rhythms and elements of house music combine in this 8 and a half minute epic that builds progressively throughout the piece.
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