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Another completely new one! Yes! Back into the swing of things! Anyway, this one has not only a keychange, but several rhythm changes, including a complete turn around. Truly music to mine, and anyone else's', ears.
Peak in sub-genre #64
My first work in a long time. It's good to be back. This is a general type song, and the first of a bunch of edits I plan to do. It is an original. I just plan to tweak it ;)
A nonsense title, but it rather fits the song. It's very beat oriented, and has a lot of intricate parts (which are pretty cool, I might add) Surely a keeper.
A 100bpm song which I proceeded to build around several rhythms of the second movement from this years marching band show at my school.
Another video game remix, this time of the Underworld theme from Mario. It's rather short, but its still a keeper, in my opinion.
A sort of 'sequel' (only better) to my first 'Delay'd' song. I use a bunch of delaying effects in this one, as well. Sort of short, but its fast, and to the point.
Peak in sub-genre #90
os‧ti‧na‧to  /ˌɒstɪˈnɑtoʊ; It. ˌɔstiˈnɑtɔ/ --a constantly recurring melodic fragment. You'll get it once you listen ;)
A remix on one of my favorite game themes (and games, period) of all time. Hopefully you'll get as much satisfaction out of this remix as the original midi song ;)
As the title suggests, this song is very... well, hard and heavy. I might add more onto it later on.
Peak in sub-genre #45
A very slow, and somewhat ambient song. It includes various sound effects of outside noises (thunder and wind and whatnot)
This is a song that I just sort of fiddled around with. Not much to say. A sort of 'coming-back-to-life' song.
A moderately fast piece. Not my best, but it definitely doesn't suck.
A remake/cover of Herbie Hancock's classic. I add some new elements to it, but the feel is, overall, the same. A nice one for headphones.
It's full of delaying effects. The song will probably be one of my worst, since I was really uninspired. I got some cool stuff going on, though.
A moderately fast song, it's heavily synthesized, and even grungy at time. It's not too long, but big things come in small packages ;)
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