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Instrumental theme music for roleplaying chracters and fanfictions.
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Usually when you mix all the colors together, you get black. You also get black when you throw ink all over the page :P Listen for what I'm talking about.
A light jazz waltz, using blues chord progressions.
There are so many interpretations of White. Off... pure... snow... It's hard to choose when someone says 'HEY WHERE WHITE' or something. And then theres also White Noise. Hm.
Green- A color used for both envy and fertility. How can music capture this? I'm not really sure, but I decided to call this one GREEN!
This has a bunch of choir, strings, and other stuff to that effect. The drum and bass beat is very hip-hoppish, but the other stuff is quite ambient.
A slow, dark tune. It begins with a sort of ambience, and then goes into a choir. It builds, and becomes a sort of.. 'funeral' piece.
This song is meant to be dark, eerie, basically post-apoctalyptic. It's one of the few songs I've wrote with 12/8 time, and its meant to sound very classical.
Pretty much a straightforward rock song of my own character. It's fast, sort of furious. It has it's moments. It has a keychange from C-minor to A-minor. 144 bpm
Hm.. Basically a percussion feature song. It has loads of syncopated beats, and you get a pretty cool effect when listening to it on headphones. There's also a choir part in it.
Just a fun little song. It's sort of goofy, and it has a piccolo-english horn duet. Overall, a pretty neat sound.
Basically a soft song. It's pretty slow, but it's very pretty. It has a flute-oboe duet thing in it.
Another slow one, and another flute-oboe duet. This one has a violin solo, though. It's alot like Kuru's theme.
A rather short piece, it has basically two parts. The beginning- a quiet choir of angels singing out, and then the brassy fanfare march that plays to the end. A pretty fun piece.
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