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Internationally recognized, prize-winning lyricist well-versed in cabaret, indie, folk, country, showtunes and several other genres.
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Peak in sub-genre #37
An interesting take on a childrens' tale, told from an adult perspective
Peak position #20
A silly little lyric about doing too much, dedicated to all my lady friends in the workforce
Peak position #50
An Elvis-style riff on a Christmas song
Peak in sub-genre #35
Another head-banging angry rocker, lyric in the style of Elvis Costello, but a louder arrangement. By Ray Sharp who also wrote 'Punch My Ticket'
Peak position #4
Jazzy urban 'walking around' song by the great Bobby Watson. I took his musical track and wrote words to it. Recorded and mixed at Musicians' Collaboration
Peak in sub-genre #43 1
A funky Kazakhstan pop/dance song, music by Eduard Glumov -- a 2008 finalist in the International Song Competition, Rock division!
Peak in sub-genre #83
A mysterious lyric, set by the mysterious Wolf at Wolfmusic; ballad about places we'll never visit -- within ourselves.
Peak position #87 1
Singer/songwriter 'story' song. The musicians who participated in this felt it really hit home with them.
Peak position #73
Based stylistically on world music fusion like 'You Can Call Me Al', this is a tribute to Joshua Norton.
A collab with Jordan Michael Peterson, a great pop tune in a Billy Joel vein. It's available on Jordan's new CD, 'Reflections' available at his website (jordanpeterson.net)
A song about unspoken thoughts -- unpleasant and sour -- that will never be heard. Lovely acoustic setting by Jim Chapman, written for an acoustic competition.
Peak in sub-genre #45
An angry break-up-get-back-together-break-up-again song.
Another collaboration with Ian Ferrin. This lyric has been one of the most popular I've written at The Muses' Muse.
A funky 70's throwback about the way music 'used to be'
A soft ballad about a commute home to one you love, with a spiritual undertone. Music by Ian Ferrin
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