Steven Klatt
Metal Hamilton, Canada
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Progressive-Rock / Metal. Blending Progressive rock concepts with a metal edge. Great guitar riffs. Soaring melodies. Odd time signatures and blistering guitar
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Peak position #27
A very cool cover song I used to love back in the day.....always thought a cover version would be cool! All guitars, bass and vocals by myself Steve Klatt.....with a very special thanks to my good friend Scott Kerr for the insane guitar solo!!
Peak position #20
I cover song recorded by my brother in law Jamie Colombe.....I play the slash solos, and do the vocals
Peak position #23
An awesome tune....from one of my fav bands!! Was fun to put this one together!!
Peak position #24
A cool old Metallica the bass intro!!
Peak position #20
A song inspired by the fall of the Roman empire and my love of history Lead vocals Stephen Fleet w/ Steve Klatt. Guitars played by Steve Klatt, keyboards written and programed by Steve Klatt
Peak position #34 1
A catchy hard rock, driving tune....some odd times and slight prog feel at times, but a real
Peak position #1 1
Hard rock! A driving metal tune, reliving the nuclear attack on Japan in WWII. Thanks to my good friend and amazing guitarist Scott Kerr for adding the killer second guitar solo
Peak position #18 1
A rock/Metal song with lots of prog feel to it. Some deep lyrics about mankind, our future and our creation.
Peak in sub-genre #75
A raunchy song.....depicting music of the day lol
Peak in sub-genre #8 1
A song dear to my heart. Dedicated to my Grandfather Bernard Gelinas. Who bought me my first guitar and amp at 8. He taught me a lot about life and was like a second father to me. He was taken too soon, and this song is for him.Once I get the vocals
Peak position #20 1
A song that mean alot to me...I enjoy playing this one, as well as the message it sends to those who bring you down
Peak in sub-genre #21
I prog rock song, that I wrote a while back...thanks to Brad miclette for the great lyrics!! and thanks to Scott Kerr for the amazing guitar solos
Peak position #62
A supper hard but fun song to cover
Peak position #30
A great upbeat Queensryche song from Operation:Mindcrime (1988)
Peak position #86
my attempt to sing this great song.....but still my support to all the troops worldwide......even with my weak vocals on this one...out of my comfort range lol
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