Roman Alikperov
Podcasts Saint-Petersburg, Russia
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Super guitar virtuoso! Guitar freak and unbelivable player! Free jazz thing, experimental stuff! ROCK'n'ROLL! Keep hoppin', man! (people like such things, don't
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Peak in sub-genre #6
This is 'scratch' ¹2. It's coloured one... Synt-guitar is used, he-he :)
Peak in sub-genre #8
"Energy" is the key word here. Electric Energy =)
Peak in sub-genre #58
Alex Starostenko's harmony. Came out out pretty raw... but I like some moments in the improvisation. Hope we'll make a good version of it together someday.
Don't f*** With Me, Man.
Peak in sub-genre #21
5th part of the epic. Very quite. And Short.
The 4th part of the epic. Be quite, please, it's very soft and calm... :)
Part three of the originally uninterrupted improvisation.
Peak in sub-genre #38
The same story. Unprepared improvisation. Two people met for the first time and just... talked.
Peak in sub-genre #11
Roman Alikperov - guitar, Dmitri Krotevich - trombone. I don't believe in the word 'FREE', so I'd better call it 'unprepared' improvisation with prepared electronics (which was actually turned on accidentially:)
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