Sos (PL)
Classical Bukowiec, Poland
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Dark evil beats of what lurks within you. Ambient sounds, chilling out and waking up, easy and hard.
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Just listen
No place to go to...
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Humat abilities are unlimited, as long as you believe in yourself.
Chill out ;)
Repetetive events encourage you to learn. Do not underestimate it.
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Sometimes the effort needed for the result is improportional and makes it inefficient. However, still consider.
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This is how it goes ;)
Some things are to hard to solve. Nothing is impossible to work out.
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Oldschool breakbeat ;) Just for fun
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Never let stereotypical delusions distort your own picture of the reality
Exploring yourself, you explore the world. The research within is the only proper one.
Think your choices wisely, purely and thoroughly.
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Always listen to yourself.. analyze your thoughts and feelings.
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Never give up, never refrain from believing in yourself, never doubt in your skills and capabilities.
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