murphy l henderson jr
Country Russellville, AR  USA
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Christian/Country, singing about our Lords soon return!
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sweet beulah land is my rendetion john miller and i made this track in his recording studio! the track is my music, i hope you take time to listen to a song about a home called heaven
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everything we see happening in the world today we know 'our redemtion is drawing nigh'
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It's about the signs and times we'er living in! We could hear the sound of the trumpet at any time and the Lord will soon appear!
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There is a crown for those who love his appearing!!!
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If we are not looking He'll come at an hour when we are not ready!He'll come as 'a thief in the night'
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the signs & seasons are all around us for the soon return of the Lord!...Look Up:)
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Its about the times in which we live! Its a song that says Jesus Christ is surely soon to return! I hope you all will enjoy it, but most of all I Pray you will be Blessed when you hear it!:)
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I would like to thank Gerald T. Lassiter Jr. for sending me this song he wrote "At Calvary". I had a track made at John Millers studio... I hope and pray you will be Blessed by it. God Bless
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Its about proclaming the Lord Jesus Christ and not being ashamed!
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A man can go through life thinking that he's in control, but realizes that its the Lord Jesus Who is in control after all!
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It's all about being in Him and recieving His Blessings and Protection! And He's still calling you are you listening!
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Its about the Lords sudden return & there will be many who will not be ready!
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When the Lord Jesus Returns for us we'll see the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and our loved ones thats gone on before!:)
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'Let me be there' is a song that I have always ejoyed doing by Olivia Newton John! I pray that you will enjoy it as well:)
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It's about the longing for the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Savior Jesus Christ. (Titus 2:13)
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