HipHop Clemson, SC  USA
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Real-A-State the hottest thing reppin South Carolina A.K.A. South Kack ... Reppin Florence, Da Metro, Rock Hill, Clemson, and Chucktown
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Everybody in Real-A-State. Singing 1st/ Chorus- Mccoy, 1st Verse - Flatline, 2nd Verse - Dru C, 3rd Verse - Eb Ski, 4th Verse - Boom
Showin yall how we do it in SC... Da Atl got they snap songs but can yall do it like this??? A HIT IN THE MAKING!!!!
That New Heat!!!! Mccoy - Killin da Chorus - Last Verse Eb Ski - 1st Verse Boom - 2nd Verse Flatline - 3rd Verse
Eb Ski let nigs know why they need not come round her home trippin. Eb Ski & Dru C reppin for Real-A-State with a verse from Ced J at the end ... THAT HEAT!!!!
For ya hatas, sweet potato ass n***s 1st Verse - Flatline 2nd Verse - Dru C 3rd Verse - Eb Ski 4th Verse - Big Boom
Song for all the people murda'd on the streets Crystal singin over the hook. 1st Verse - Flatline 2nd Verse - Eb Ski 3rd Verse - Dru C
That HEAT for da Streets!!!! If you on da block then you can relate ... Big Boom, Dru C, and Flatline doin what REAL-A-STATE does!!!!
Real-A-State showing how they hit the ladies G-Spot... Mccoy singing the panties off, Dru C w/ the hardest line to a lady, and then Boom showing em how a real g do
From the 864 to da 803 to da 843. This song is to Rep the WHOLE state of SC. A Song for all those not knowin bout SC.
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