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Acoustic Exeter, United Kingdom
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Peak position #1
A love song to all my girl friends I've ever known and also indirectly to all of time and space and the energy of life itself. Not on any album but a one off recording for posterity (the effect on that particular audience was electric) x
Album: WTF... Peak position #2
Instead of money
Album: WTF... Peak position #7 1
Studio remix of this beautiful, melancholic song
Album: WTF... Peak position #2
Digitally created vocals using dragonspeak and royalty free samples
Album: WTF... Peak position #1 2 1
This was recorded in Bridport with Steve Jones engineering and drum and keyboards with Robin playing north american flute
Album: Searching Peak in sub-genre #1
Album: WTF... Peak position #61
My way of saying thanks to the greenpeace ship crew attacked by the french during the 80s
Album: WTF... Peak in sub-genre #29
An Anti TV song recorded in ACID 4 on my old computer in 2005
Album: WTF... Peak in sub-genre #14
My prayer to Gaia
Album: WTF... Peak position #21
Co written with Tom Wright in my bedroom studio using samples in 2004, this remix was done by Josh (DJ Purple Rabbit)
Album: WTF... Peak in sub-genre #59
First song ever recorded 1984
Album: WTF...
Early and only version of this endtimes song recorded in Bath in 1989
Album: WTF...
half a song of which the meadow was the other half, lost it when it got chewed on the tape. Very early recording of it. (1989)
Album: WTF...
with Karl Zumar on the slide guitar and playing the bass
Album: WTF...
A Tribute to my school friends
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