The Quiet Soldier
Instrumentals FL  USA
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(Older Numbered Music) - Mostly classical but with poor sound quality. (Newer Named Music) - A blend of classical music with the inspiration from the video g
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A choir/piano introduction followed by a distorted synth that breaks into a nice beat and lead. Strings fill the background with metroid-like leads. Then it breaks into a colonial-like drum set.
A very cool piano introduction followed by an awesome beat.
A very cool song that has an electronic piano intro and an awesome beat. It is followed by a synth background sample as well as distorted ambient sounds.
A cool beat with hi hats and noise samples followed by pianos and choirs.
A synth sample accompanied by a cool beat. Strings and piano parts follow.
A techno beat with electronica sounds and samples.
A Classical introduction with a synth background that fades in and out. A hip-hop like beat accompanied with choirs and synth leads.
A very high-tempo song with a crazy beat throughout the whole song.
An upbeat electronica track that encorporates distorted choirs and strings.
A light, slow tempo instrumental.
A slow, entrancing song that captures the loneliness we sometimes feel.
Mostly a piano and choir-driven track. It gives the feeling of being in a sanctuary.
A dark, creepy song that is very space-like.
A slow piano, string and organ based song. I think it's a relaxing piece .
The most beautiful song I've ever made. I'm really surprised with how well this song came together. This is definitely one to listen to.
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