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Homemade tunes from NorthWest England
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Chillout Instrumental
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Cheer up, tomorrow is another day.......
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a nice laid back feel, thanks to the fab Jamstix2 drums
Started out as a song Bjorn wrote...we tried it as an instrumental, and liked it, so here it is
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A Faces/Brian Adams (?) type song. Recorded in Reaper, JamStix drums, Vox via Behringer '58 Clone thru Line 6 TonePort. Epi Les Paul & Squier Bass via Toneport also..added Ibanez Acoustic , remixed 12DEC06, Remastered 23JAN07
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Memories of being a teenager in grimey old Manchester, 'life in Black and White' indeed...with a bit of sunshine and magic provided by Belle Vue Funfair...and a friend ;-) ....and how it all brings us to Where We Are Today
Memories of a sunny day by the sea...Shoreline
This, like me, owes its origins to the late 1950's. Just a good-time Rock 'n Roll dance tune. Strat thru an AC30 sim....Mastered for maximum loudness...it certainly gets your attention.....
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