Bro Jamms JM
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Bro Jamms a hot Original Improv Blues Jazz R&B and Fusion of all and any music. We caught these recordings at enception and mixed it up a little. We have a gre
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Peak position #76
Lying & Crying
Peak position #78
Hot Sultry Classical Jazz-Blues
Peak position #67
What is normal to me may be crazy to you!
Peak position #85
Wild and crazy transdance! Take care! The corona will make your ears go blind!
Peak position #66
Dance across the floor for me! Dancer can't you see?
Peak in sub-genre #8
talkin bout a good thang keeps me goin strong!
Peak in sub-genre #15
Jumpin Blues with a little funk
Peak in sub-genre #32
funky, slow & jazzy
Peak position #25
Peak in sub-genre #24
She's the Queen of the city block!
Peak in sub-genre #100
ya gotta simplify
Peak in sub-genre #17
Snail's adventure through the mud and back!
Peak in sub-genre #75
A lotta fun!
Peak position #87
Standing at the threshold, going over the edge? Reality check! Thx Bro Dave on the guitar!
Peak in sub-genre #34
You've heard of "Flight of the BumbleBee", now check out "Mosquito". From enception to it's flight, you can tell when she gets her wings! Watch out, she bites!
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