HipHop 619 San Diego - 301, MD  USA youtube.com/dascientiss
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MikeDaScientisS AKA Chuck Greene. San Diego born, Maryland raised. Listen or battle me. Ur choice. Nigga.
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Peak in sub-genre #7
React apparently came back to the forum lookin for a battle. I also randomly visited this dead site n saw it. I replied. (Beat is "Say Somethin'" by Kev Brown. #DMV
Peak in sub-genre #6
Just some competitive dissin wit my Simeonite broham Nevaless. Knew him for years, n ripped him in minutes lol
Peak in sub-genre #12
The assault of some never-rappin azz textcee named Meks from rapbattles.com. Dude replied to my open call out n got Earth'd. #BARber sh**
Peak in sub-genre #47
Random freeverse....something to be high to I guess. From the upcoming "Easy Being Greene" mixtape. Search "Easy Being Greene" cartoon on YouTube.
Song about sometimin' azz drug dealers and how they suck. Prod. by me. From the upcoming "Easy Being Greene" mixtape. Search "Easy Being Greene" cartoon on YouTube.
Peak in sub-genre #10
Retaliation to this nerdy azz n*** who does more research on somebody than the friggin NSA just to post a whack lisping display on a dead site....even tho he got Earthed officially twice by me....not that it even matters. So he's taking beatings for
Peak in sub-genre #8
Versus Joe Boston on Rapbattles.com ABL 2014.....he said he'd no-show before matches were set, but I wrote the sh** , so I'ma record it....fuggdat. Beat is "Try Me Again" by Rapper Big Pooh
Peak in sub-genre #6
Versus a mod from Rapbattles.com named Nahlidge. Had to clip the sh** to fit time limits n whatnot. Once I get ta writin' a diss, I just write. So yeah....
Peak in sub-genre #6
So I was randomly on Rapbattles.com n saw I got matched up with the mark-azz frat boy Mr. Write (AKA D. Bird). Due to me being out of town, I no-showed, which he took as me running from battling him. No. So I'm just doin me n insulting whack rappers.
Peak in sub-genre #3
Verse against another text battlin' azz dude from Rapbattles.com n sh** ....sound like a wizard doin' pterodactyl calls when he rhymin
Peak in sub-genre #11 1 1
Me nonchalantly eradicating another random azz Soundclick newbie who talks sh** but has no bars. Beat is "Changes" by Kaimbr and Kev Brown
Peak in sub-genre #17
I dunno why this nerdy ass lisping troll insists on talkin sh** on this dead ass site, but this is the nonchalant nuking result of that. Instrumental is "Tonite" by Eminem
Peak in sub-genre #13
Diss to the EPITOME of a "netcee" named BarBender. 2nd battle on GoldMinded.
Peak in sub-genre #19
My track versus Anxiety State on GoldMindedForums.com. R.I.P Soundclick. The beat is "All Caps" by MF Doom
Peak in sub-genre #98
Another song of the robotripping variety. References the old school video game for Sega Genesis "Vectorman" obviously. Samples the first stage of the game too. Cheggit.
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