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Purcell (1658-1695) was one of the greatest English composers, flourishing during the Restoration of the monarchy after the Puritan Commonwealth period.
De Visee (1650-1725) was a guitarist & lutenist. He often played for Louis XIV and the Dauphin. This is from his second book of guitar pieces dated 1686.
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C (1792-1853) was a leading guitarist-composer of the 19th century. Note that he was born only 3 years after the miserable French Revolution erupted, and only 1 year before the great Louis XVI was murdered and the swine Robespierre's Terror began.
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Prelude #1 of the Well Tempered Clavier I.
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F (1697-1761) was born near Leipzig. He was a distinguished player and composed chamber works for lute and strings, and many suites for the solo lute. He held an offical appointment at Bayreuth as lutenist and chamber musician until he died.
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Lawes (1596-1662) was one of the leading songwriters during the reign of Charles I of England. Great poets, including Milton and Waller, competed for the honor of his setting their verses to music.
I'm soon going to re-record all the classical pieces from here on down now that I've ditched the six-dollar mic and gotten a real one.
This is the first of six pieces commonly grouped as Six Lute Pieces of the Renaissance. I'll record the whole thing soon.
The 2nd of the Six Lute Pieces of the Renaissance. I haven't played this in a while, so it's a bit sloppy (along with Vaghe Belleze), but I had to get rid of the horrible sound of my old mic.
The 3rd of the Six Lute Pieces of the Renaissance.
The 4th of the Six Lute Pieces of the Renaissance.
The 5th part of Six Lute Pieces of the Renaissance.
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Based on a traditional Japanese melody, many centuries old. This is a pretty sloppy performance, a trial recording really. I can play it much better than this. I accidentally erased my good version of it. I'll re-record.
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