Rock quezon city, Philippines
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ice and nails... raw mishy mashy collection of our modern and acient rock and pop and stuff in between... rock, pop, metal, funk, rap,punk, emo, hardcore blah b
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Peak in sub-genre #32
opening theme of naruto...... a cover palyed during the dss variety show at up manila's little theatre
Peak in sub-genre #22
a version created from the flash ecard mash up ( the one with santa claus and canon rock (jerry c ) in you tube..they are both favorites of this band so here it is the mash up .... performed live at the qc circle
Peak in sub-genre #6
an ode (take note --a parody maybe) to the life long institution of the japanese super sentai.... take note we don't speak japanese.. shin worokashi bukataisen kimino san what ever that means... sounds kool enough --bahahahaha ( kunwari marunon
Peak in sub-genre #61
still the same song .. this is the newer less crappier demo we 've recorded...
Peak in sub-genre #87
a crappy demo of a theme song we creted w/c will hopefully be used for an outreach program or something like that... note... real crappy recording.. using a pocket pc ...go easy on us hahahhaha
Peak in sub-genre #38
my favorite song
Peak position #27
a song about life and growing up...
Peak position #93
updated .........still a live version from one of our recent gigs (thanks to awin) but this has better audio enjoy
Peak position #96
old upload ..pls enjoy
Peak in sub-genre #22
loud.... alternative and slow... our first song
Peak position #75
2 weird effects sound, a piano, and 3 voices a .. this is a very sad song
Peak in sub-genre #40
in case walang nakaka-alam ng title... eto ang ultra SECRET TRACK... get the lyrics and the title here...
Peak in sub-genre #14
( i just updated this from a gig 2 that was during feb 17.. i think ..better audio this time ..special thanks to awin for the gig)a take on the backstreet boys famous ditty on love and relationships but with a twist.... this is the live version
Peak in sub-genre #18
our take on jerry c's canon..ok it's not that perfect..we didn't practice that much during this particular gig...ehehe lol
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