Just West of Hell
Rock Bartlesville, OK  USA
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Non-PC social, political, & religious commentary flavored with twisted humor. Who else sings about cannibalistic Nazi devil aliens?
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Was Darwin right?
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So many folks scared about Islamic terrorists... We'd better be aware of our own far right fundamentalist movement. At least one has called for outright assassination of a foreign leader.
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Relaxed jammy thing, KDs 3rd master (been playing around with different ideas as opposed to the original rough mix which was literally done on the fly the same night we recorded it...)
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Acoustic ode to my drum machine(s)
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Pseudo-surf... Good jangly/reverby guitar, but not full-on 60's pure surf...
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A little something to put some mud in yer eye...
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Airy and relaxed with that Just West of Hell twist...
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I kept running into this woman from time to time, and she was like... crazy...
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Some folks PH ran into in a McDonald's in Bartlesville OK one night not too long ago...
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TM sent PH a text message 'Dollheads in the Kitchen Drawer'... PH took it and ran (a marathon!) with it...
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Trapped/Stranded in that small town...
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Well, there was this 'Best of Craig's List' thing...
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Well, there was this piece on NPR about the velvet painting museum on the west coast...
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Harsh commentary about 'Organized Religion' Updated version. Originally written in 1989
An elaboration on the theme of 'The end of a golden age'
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A sad but true song about a period in our history that needs to be told from the Solder's view. I just hope and pray I did them justice.
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