Pour Furets
Electronic American Fork, UT  USA
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industrial IDM experimental ambient musique concréte drone mechanical synth synthesizer sampler drum machine
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Peak in sub-genre #10
Shortwave radio processed through a DSI Evolver with MFB Synth II for bass and MFB 502 for percussion.
Peak in sub-genre #5
Unapologetic Evolver Acid with MFB 502 for percussive accompaniment.
Peak in sub-genre #16
Peak in sub-genre #12
Peak in sub-genre #56
Peak in sub-genre #6
A random glitch in my Ensoniq EPS resulted in some delightful material which I arranged into this piece.
Peak in sub-genre #13
Dark ambient piece using an Ensoniq EPS and SQ80- with a little Boss delay pedal thrown in for good measure.
Peak in sub-genre #14
Lunacy tinged in silver with a bottle and some sampling
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