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I had a go at vocalising this masterpiece since I have a new microphone and everything. :) Lyrics are by John Sanders - http://johnsandersofficial.newgrounds.com/
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A remake I felt like doing because I love this game! :)
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When I played GTA San Andreas, it inspired me to make something like this randomly. A Gfunk swing style hip-hop track that might remind you of the old days. Just felt like mixing it boomy and bassy, so if you have a woofer turn that thing up!
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Decided I would diversify even more and take my creativity to a slightly different level. The tune is Solnedgang by Arachno (AGAIN!). I couldn't think what else to make and couldn't wait to try my hand at some proper DnB. Thank God for computers!
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Just a random Drum n Bass/Chiptune (Keygen style) mix.
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This is a cover of the previously released "Metalcore/Melodeath sh** ".
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