Howard Bailey
Instrumentals Port Moody, Canada
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1993 - Change in the Weather (Vocal) 1995 - Comes Back 2 U (Vocal) 1998 - Instrumental debut - Speechless 2003 - Contours 2005 - Bio Rhythm 2008 - Brothers
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Peak position #84 1
Track #02 from vocal Pop CD "Comes Back 2U". A vocal pop, rock tune from the last Vocal CD released late 1995 before switching over to instrumental music in 1998.
Peak in sub-genre #58
Track #03 from Instrumental CD "Brothers of Invention". New Age Funk with an open spacious melody during the verses and a 60's groove through the choruses and lead-out.
Track #01 from the instrumental CD "Brothers of Invention". A blended groove of rhythmic guitar and laid back piano. Smooth turn of events when it gets to the bridge. Worked so well it made it's way there twice.
Track #4 from debut instrumental CD "Speechless". A steady picking acoustic guitar throughout with heavy melodic slide guitar during the verses, lead & outro. Many listeners consider this cut their favorite from the "Speechless" compilation.
Track #09 from Instrumental Debut "Speechless" Chunky Funky Stereo Wha Guitars with a Sugar Coated Melody!
Track #02 from debut instrumental CD "Speechless"
Opening and title track on second instrumental CD "Contours". Old school keyboard techno syncopation along side a surf sounding guitar. Melancholy melody.
Peak in sub-genre #93
Track #10 and the final cut from instrumental CD "Bio Rhythm" Big Bouncy Beat with Mucho Brass and Streetwise Guitar Licks.
Track #07 from the instrumental CD "Bio Rhythm". Progressive Trance with Old School streetwise guitar licks. Heavy Crunching & Groaning Guitar sound effects with an eerie synth outro!
Track #01 from debut instrumental compilation "Speechless"
Track #04 from the instrumental CD "Contours". Upbeat and Percussive. Lots of guitar layered over a solid bed of drums, bass, organ and piano.
Track #11 and the Title song from debut instrumental compilation "Speechless"
First track from the CD "Bio Rhythm". A laid back melodic feel of vibes and strings with variable timing embedded onto a steady straight 4/4 grooving rhythm guitar. The bass was written last which gave the bottom half of the song a very melodic feel
Track #06 on instrumental CD "Bio Rhythm". Upbeat and Horny with some Swanky Guitar. Original outro theme music to Leo Leporte's "The Tech Guy" airing on KFI Radio broadcast from Los Angeles, California.
Peak in sub-genre #32
Track #10 from Instrumental CD "Contours" Rhythmic Dance Feel with lots of Sound FX.
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