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I am a solo instrumentalist. I create relaxation/workout music using wood flutes and natural sounds. Most of the songs are based on the techniques of bansuri
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The trail to dreams, for a fresh morning!!!
Peak position #91
An ode to all bethrens who recognize the power of qaun, khoom and quam!!
Peak position #70
Based on an important pranav mantra that resonates with daogan dantra....guess that one for me!!
Peak position #42
Ok, you guessed it right! those are the pranav mantras used to create this song
Peak position #48
num pranayama with kapalbhati, to help give relaxation between vigorous breathing.
Peak position #54
Sometimes we can use kapalabahti pranayam to help us fire out unwanted energy from our systems
Peak position #57
The legendary call... the echo, of a nightingale ... Her consistant echoes goes unanswered, yet the echoes continue to haunt.......the dark satin..the haunt...
Peak position #37
Shaman on the stalk transmuting his self in to a bald wolf, making moves in ceremonial forest hunt.
Peak position #61
Twom-- the higher administration that reigns everybody shows us the path to grow!
Peak position #51
uses a new mantra called datta and dattatreya...That completes all my song composition releases. Thanks for hearing all of them so far! Dattatreya (Sanskrit: , Dattatreya) or Datta is a Hindu deity encompassing the trinity
Peak position #59
I have created a new alpha numeric scale to express ragh with bansuri pranayama music! Expressing music in number sequence helps retain its logic irrespective of the octave in which you play it.
Peak position #65
prayer song requesting our incarnations to grow towards the next big leap!We all need life growth to reach big leaps
Peak position #56
Taps the natural bounty at its natural self....pristine lakes , fresh flowers, sweet juicy fruits ...
Peak position #58
Knight's galore displays the radiance of the night glowing with brightness of the moon despite its shroud of darkness!!
Peak position #39
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