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Comtemporary Finnish music, Game Music and For Organ too.
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This short romantic waltz is composed in the style of Oskar Merikanto, a famous late-romantic Finnish composer who wrote many lyrical piano pieces, the most famous ones being Kesäillan valssi, Summernight's Waltz and Valse lente of which you can lis
A peaceful theme for the Neverwinter Nights 2 mod.
A track for a NWN2 mod
This is a city theme meant for a Neverwinter Nights 2 module
Peak in sub-genre #36
A waltz that depicts quite well the Finnish melancholy
Another baroque-style inventio
A baroque style short inventio.
Peak in sub-genre #47
This romantic piece was inspired by the Final Fantasy movie where in the last scene the heroes rise from the crater and the woman is holding tight to her dead lover.
Peak position #100
This is one of my first compositions. It is very simple, but it requires very advanced technique to play it.
A simple lullaby for celesta.
Peak in sub-genre #71
Holds the colors of Finnish autumn...
Peak in sub-genre #33
This is a song based on a poem by Eino Leino
Peak in sub-genre #89
This is a song originally meant to be a song based on a poem of Eino Leino, a Finnish poet, but it isn't very songable
A sonatine in e minor.
This is Invention, that I composed after a long period of difficulties in composing
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