jon blake
Acoustic Cardiff, United Kingdom
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Kitchen-sink songwriter, also known as the writer of all those books at
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Album: Closure Peak position #24
Reached no 2 in the Soundclick acoustic general chart. Title song of album described as 'beautiful' and 'as good as it gets'. To download, click on 'purchase music @ store'.
Album: Closure Peak in sub-genre #71
On addiction - reached number 1 on's weekly chart.
Album: Closure Peak in sub-genre #21
Self-explanatory bittersweet lament.
Album: Closure
A little love song for Christmas, just voice and guitar.
Album: Closure Peak in sub-genre #83
A song about growing up in Southampton, UK., with REMish orchestration.
Version of JLCE sung by Natalie in honour of little Jordi.
Album: Closure Peak position #57
David Hasselhoff came to BBC Talent awardwinner Jon Blake in a dream and told him to write a soft rock classic guaranteed to get to no 1 in Germany. At least it made no 4 in the classic rock chart.
Album: Closure Peak in sub-genre #88
Reggae-lite gentle melodic whimsy for listening in slippers with muffins toasting.
Album: Closure Peak in sub-genre #24
Christmas singalong rock nonsense in the great tradition of Slade and Wizzard, written and recorded with my good friend Dean Greenway, the bard of Craig-y-racca.
Dub track for Dangerous Friend - may be downloaded to create your own version.
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