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just me and a shitload of free time
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new mix, got rid of horrible panning choices, etc
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a new recording of my ol' song swedish swordfish
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Space is said to have the shape of a doughnut. even though some experts in the matter say it has no chocolate chips. what kind of God creates the universe in the shape of a doughnut and puts no chocolate chips on it? Other experts say cats can't fly
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Liquid residual from a extinct plant native of Mumbai is said to give a person the ability to transform into a super-saiyan. Some archeologists say this explains the existence of the Egyptian Pyramids, and Donald Duck.
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In the middle ages, it was common for old men to run around town wearing nothing but a war helmet yelling 'I'm a little bunny!!!'. Other people say that they yelled 'I can do a backflip!!' instead.
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In early 1867, a doctor refused to perform surgery on a man, because he was 'too ugly to live'. according to local stories transmitted orally like some diseases, the doctor had five eyes and tentacles for arms and his name was Vorglox the Malignant.
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There is a spot, where you can see africa in its entirety. this place is called 'the moon'
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There is a place where you can have absolute peace. unfortunatley it is not even near the earth. Tibetan temples are close, if it weren't for the occasional Monk running around naked yelling 'I'm a pirate! yarrr'
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programmed stuff...all general soundblaster midi synth and random soundfonts
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The swedish swordfish is a large mutant Chondrichthian with colors reminiscent to the national flag of sweden, responsible for all the recent events regarding international security and robot uprisings. Some people say it can fly.
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Back in the seventies, women were bodybuilders and wore bowties. The UN decided to destroy all graphic evidence of this because 'It's so horrible that we don't want the world to remember it'.
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In early mesopotamia, "Nintendo" was the word for astral projection.
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People that have greater mass in their testicles than in their brains are said to often end up in the Circus or playing for some Hockey team.
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