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Electronic Montgomery, AL  USA xvektor.bandcamp.com
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Abstract soundscapes and structured noise compositions. Progressive Chaos. Chapman stick, synth, guitars, violins, jackhammers, snaps, crackles, pops...
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Peak in sub-genre #18
Time and space have begun to stretch and distort as we move into the unknown of infinity...
Peak in sub-genre #12 3 2
Jeff's Deleriously Wicked Stick With Tons of Gene Splicing. All Sounds Created On Stick.
Peak position #11 3 5
Eclipse was created from an improv at least ten years old. Robbie recorded this when he bought his first E Bow and it is basically a trimmed down very spacy improv. BUZZTUBE was composed from new sessions from Jeff using his various custom processors
Peak in sub-genre #3
This soundscape explores 3 different themes and was composed of 99% guitar, provided courtesy of Steve. This has slowly crept up to the top of our favorites list.
Peak in sub-genre #4 1
Kill The Smart Ones First emerged from a single session with Jeff's harsh and atonal processed guitar. This has a decidedly 'King Crimsonesque' feel. The tone takes an unexpected right turn with the addition of Jeff's Chapman Stick textures.
Peak in sub-genre #31 1 1
Peak in sub-genre #49 1 1
Peak in sub-genre #8 4 10
A song two years in the making. Zozimo Rech and Adrianne Simioni of the phenominal Astronomusic graciously contributed the very special final touches to a song constructed with Chapman Stick and guitars by Jeff McLeod, synthesizer/production by Alan
Peak in sub-genre #4
Insanely Distorted Guitar Composition (Parts 1 and 2)
Peak in sub-genre #5
Construct created from guitar and Chapman Stick performances from Jeff. Much layering and looping here.
Peak in sub-genre #24
Fun With Voices And Processed Guitar And Bent Loops And Other Silliness
Peak in sub-genre #13 1 1
Composed of two older pieces that just never found an end, we finally got the perfect final touches from the wonderfully talented Steve Thomas and his whacked out, atmospheric guitars.
Peak in sub-genre #4 1
A Pure Ambient Journey
Peak in sub-genre #62 1 1
Second part of the ambient Syncopated Parts 1 & 2. I considered not breaking them up but felt I might as well post at least part of the whole composition. Wonderful abstract guitar meanderings, synth tones and dinosaur moans by David Briggs!!!
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