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Peak in sub-genre #50
Peak in sub-genre #43
A riff-dependent tune that features a swirling guitar part that plays counter to the melody of the chorus, using an Eight Tone Spanish Scale.
Peak in sub-genre #28
This song features a powerful vocal performance and a sizzling guitar solo that takes full advantage of the pace and rhythm of the piece.
Peak in sub-genre #54
This is how Eljam did the blues. Although the chords are not in a standard blues progression, the minor and diminished chords in the sequence give the song a sadness that can only be called blues.
Peak in sub-genre #35
We’ve all experienced the moment when our ‘significant other’ chooses to use silence as a weapon in a passive/aggressive manner. Another riff-dependent Eljam tune, The Silence defies attempts to categorize it. Maybe Riff-Rock?
Peak in sub-genre #23
One of the heaviest of Eljam’s tunes, Ultra Sleek was originally called Barbados Trust (although no one can remember exactly why). Paul’s creative drum line is copied to the best of Mike’s (and the Zoom box’s) capabilities.
Originally titled ‘Life’s Icebox’ for a verse that no longer is part of the song, ‘Hard To Be Strong’ is a straight-ahead rock tune.
Peak in sub-genre #89
Considered by some as the prettiest of Eljam’s tunes, ‘Gail’ has a jazzy feel that is brought about by the almost disco-like drum part. The ‘keyboard’ part in the middle was done with a guitar and the GT-6.
Peak in sub-genre #95
We all know her. We all hate her. We all want her anyway. That’s the girl that this straight-ahead rock tune is about. The solo is modeled after the Steve Vai/Joe Satriani school of Lead Guitar.
Peak in sub-genre #43
A heart wrenching ballad, this song's strength lies in its powerful lyrics. Victor claimed the phrase, ‘Call me if you need me. Don’t call just to say ‘hello’’ as his own. A sentiment that each of us has wanted to express at some point in our lives.
An instrumental that was previously posted on Mike Wich’s Soundclick page in a slightly different form, Stellar Mistress features a Flamenco-esque acoustic guitar part and a bass guitar taking the role of a lead instrument
Peak in sub-genre #40
Somewhat a novelty tune, the rock-a-billy guitar parts and drums are fun to play and Victor’s lyrics evoke a somewhat picturesque image of New York.
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