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Instrumentals Wethersfield, CT  USA
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First studio recording of Righchus & Lip Service
Sampled Carly Comando's 'Everyday' - real smooth stuff
Beatboxed a few tracks - added some drums 'n sh***...finito
Carly Comando's 'Everyday' - beautiful From the NBA's 'Where Amazing Happens' Commercials
Peak in sub-genre #23
a lot simpler than it sounds...tight tho
Radiohead influenced...Sounds like a movie trailer
Peak in sub-genre #23
Lil trance number I thought sounded tight
New sound on an old track...fresh
Lil Jon-ish electric sound...bumps hard...sicko
Halloween-ish; low evil sounding tones...electric syncopated sound resembles that P-Diddy song...
Late night; long story
M-Dukez feat. Big Stuggz - completely blasted when we came up with this remix to Beyonce's 'Irreplaceable'
After a long wait - the finished version is here...
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