Kelley Jean
Electronic Detroit, MI  USA
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Kelley Jean hails from the birthplace of techno (Detroit Michigan, USA).
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Peak position #26 3 1
This is the official HOUSE MIX by E.F.F. of 'Tell Me U Want Me.' You are sure to WANT some... crank it UP!
Peak position #10 13 5
A FREAKY new club banger produced by Dan Diamond & Silent Riot
Peak in sub-genre #13 4 1
BIG, HARD, and UP!! That's how Kelley Jean likes it. Yes, that's an order! Give this one a minute to build up.... or get hard, if you will?
Peak in sub-genre #10 2
This song is about those who have lost friends when it simply wasn't their time to go. KJ wrote the lyrics as a dedication to Keith & Diane Sweet. Such amazing people.
Peak position #44 2
Old school 80's R&B flavor mixed with a techno vibe- this one a tasty treat!!!
Peak position #68 1
Introducing- Miss Kelley Jean! from Deeeetroit... ROCK CITY!!!!!! This is a dirty little song that we couldn't help but write
Peak position #41 1
This one has a much harder beat than the original. Give this one the time it deserves... it builds up to a CLIMAX of erotic sounds and hardcore beats!
Peak position #67
This version is completely different from the original. It's spooky and trance-like. The reverb on Kelley Jean's voice is psycodelic and the bassline thumps with deep seduction.
Peak in sub-genre #7
This is a pop track geared towards American Radio audiences. It contains a cameo rap by GQJohn (aka: JP).
Peak in sub-genre #18
This song reminds me of an old school Madonna song, it has a very 80's vibe to it...
Peak position #13 1
A sweet, tasty bass-filled remix of 'Sugar Daddy!' This is a club-pounder for sure!!
Peak position #59 1
A great melody with heartfelt Kelley Jean lyrics. This song has a positive vibe, great bass line, and fast dance beat. The stacked vocals on this song are incredible! Listen to it with headphones! It will BLOW YOUR MIND!
Peak in sub-genre #23 1
Probably the most innocent Kelley Jean song to date. This song is about love and not just sex and passion!
Peak position #44 1
A rap/hip-hop tune written from the female point of view! Grab a hold guys.... put your hands on my hips!!!
Peak in sub-genre #13 1
This one is similar to the original until about 2:04 then it really takes off! The later half of the song get's mixed up with some awesome vocal samples of Kelley Jean and some super-tight beats, enjoy!
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