Sound of Would
Jazz Fredonia, NY  USA
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1 song by 1 artist
Far-Out Funk, Twisted Disco, Jungle Jazzical, blurring the line between serenity and chaos...interesting to listen to, fun to dance to...Sound of Would...?
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Peak in sub-genre #63
breathe in ... ambiance ... light and dark ... spooky ... light and heavy ... breathe out ...
Peak in sub-genre #21
Latinish groove with mucho experimentation.
Peak in sub-genre #6
Peak in sub-genre #35
Three dreaded drummers playing a drumset, a djembe, and a metal lampshade; and a Classical Guitarist on fretless bass; and a Contrabass Scholar on electric guitar...improvised live at the Old Main Inn in Fredonia, New York
An improvised tune about a depressed pint of beer that decided to plummet from a bass amp to shatter on the floor...based on a true story, featuring narrators Phrank Scaglione & John Neidrauer
A 20-something minute improv, edited down to fit into a modern fast-paced society
Playing music at the Barker Brew!
Peak in sub-genre #91
OSYL w special guest Jeff Rappold on trumpet
Osyl...from a joint birthday party in Fredonia (in between two peoples birthdays)...3-8-03
dancin' at the Barker Brew Company in Fredonia, NY with our friend Adam Schmidt on keyboards...get on up and get down!
Peak in sub-genre #44
stretching out, tuning up, laying it down, making some noise...Sound of Would...?
paranoia and claustrophobia and jibberish, alternating with breaths of fresh air and glimpses of the outside world
ambience with stream-of-consciousness spoken word vocals
Peak in sub-genre #84
live Sound of Would with some sonic manipulation "in the studio"
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