Maioan Person
Acoustic springfield, MO  USA
Thank you!
I am my own person - aka Maioan Person. I have a folk-rock-punk-alternative style with hard hitting lyrics about social and political issues: Peace, justice, co
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Peak position #29
I love singing this song... it is about building community.
Peak position #88
Plant a Seed is a song about taking steps toward becoming a positive influence on the world.
Peak position #99
'Speaking of freedom seems to be quickly becoming an illegality!'
Peak in sub-genre #12
A tribute to Cindy Sheehan!
#82 (Sub-genre)
The World Bank and IMF are destroying the planet, raping the resources of impoverished nations, and profitting handsomely off of it!!!
Peak position #38
The latest recorded version of my own classic song about apocolypse, Begin Creation.
Peak position #10
I wrote this for my daughter... but it REALLY is for anyone who needs some encouragment... This is YOUR life to live... You Are The One! Highest charts position in SoundClick overall POP charts: # 10 of 21,298 songs
Peak position #32
#1 in SoundClick FOLK ROCK sub-charts Dec 30th 2004 AND MArch 12th 2005! This is a quick ditty that was the favorite of the homeless people I met on the boardwalk in Venice Beach when I hitchiked out there a couple years ago.
Peak position #72
This question is for George W. Bush and all other pro-war Christians (as if)... do you have the answer? Highest position in SoundClick ACOUSTIC FOLK sub-charts: # 11 of 3,440 songs
Peak position #52
What are WMD?
Peak in sub-genre #62
George W. Bush needs more tax money for his endless war... surprise, surprise, surprise!
Peak position #24
The lyrics to this song are VERY educational... they outline the lies and tricks being used by the U.S. military recruiters!!!
Peak in sub-genre #59
I had to go to Washington DC to represent myself because my congressman, Roy Blunt, is corrupt... here is the story about what happened.
Peak in sub-genre #63
"Sometimes life can be so truly strange, it can be so hard to get a break when you're hungry for a change."
Peak in sub-genre #29
This is a hard hitting response to the cops that kicked my door in so they could bust me for a few grams of pot... this song is not based on my own opinion, it's based on fact!
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