Joel Irwin
Instrumentals Houston, TX  USA
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Composer, arranger, songwriter, orchestrator and award winning Film Composer/Scorer.
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Peak in sub-genre #88
Full score for the film, "A Day At The Beach"
Selected cues from the film, "RumspringA Prelude",
Album: 2018 Films Peak in sub-genre #91
Selections From The Score To The 2018 Film, "The Ascent"
Album: 2018 Films
From the director's cut of the 2017 film, "Hotline
Album: 2018 Films
Score to the 2018 film
Album: 2018 Films
Opening Scene and end title music to the 2018 film, "The Best Film Ever Made"
Album: 2017 Films Peak in sub-genre #67
A compilation of music from four films shown at the 168 Film Festival in LA Aug 26-27, 2017: 1. The Door 2. The Last Command 3. The Ring 4. Wood And Stone The score from "The Last Command" was nominated for "best score"
Album: 2018 Films
Music for the "Sad Man" scene from the 2018 film, "Best Film Ever Made"
Album: 2018 Films
Excerpts from three different rewrites of the unreleased score to a 2018 film that ended up 'going in a different direction' with another composer.
Album: 2018 Films
Promotional music to the 2017 feature film, "Unbridled"
Peak in sub-genre #89
Music from the father-daughter 'first look' before the Parker - Egger Wedding ceremony in Belleville, Texas January 6, 2018. This couple lost their house in Victoria, Texas due to Hurricane Harvey. I shot their wedding / wrote music for free.
Album: 2018 Films
score to the 2018 film
Album: 2017 Films
Full score to the 2017 documentary film "The Door". It won for "Best Documentary" at the 2017 168 film festival.
Album: 2017 Films
Music For The 2017 Film, "The Last Command". Nominated at the 2017 169 Film Festival for "Best Score"
Album: 2017 Films
Full Score for the 2017 film, "The Ring" (one of the four scored films for the 2017 168 film festival)
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