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Electronic kansas city, USA
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harsh industrial/idm with a dash of noise
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Peak in sub-genre #70
this song was inspired by and used samples from Ghoul Detail
i use oppenheimer mixed with historic and current samples of torture because like all tools, once they are used or created, they can not be unused or uncreated. the song provides a pace and low melody to the thoughts about these issues.
even softer
set to bending a line
a part of the "structure" sets. this was the first one does i reaktor and has a smoother and colder sound to it.
my "structure" tracks are recorded in real time with no editing or mastering after the stop button is pushed. there are no click tracks or sequencing, and the will never be performed the same way twise.
this is a verson of Vocal GaugeD, using the same sample twists but in a different structure.
this song was constructed from one vocal sample about 2 seconds long processed in reaktor. it is a track using the smallest amount of source waves to create a song.
softer still
Peak in sub-genre #73
a softer track
what the effects of a dalay box can cause
noise set. then chopped up and welded together
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