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Electronic, experimental, eclectic, unique.
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Peak in sub-genre #70
This is just futzing with a sequencer, but I think it works really well. I based it off the idea of exercise in the morning.
My attempt at some sort of Gregorian-esque Chant.
I had a wild idea about monks living in mountain caves and playing their sacred harp along with the wind resonating in the mouth of a cave. Hmmmm...
Peak in sub-genre #69
This is one of my favorites. I programmed the spring peeper sound in the background in less than thirty seconds, but my favorite bit was playing my heart out on the melodies.
A short neoclassical piece.
Fantasy based on the clearing of the sky after a rainstorm.
Peak in sub-genre #44
IDM experimentation. Tribute to Edgard Varese and Donald Buchla.
Aethereal spacey improvisation.
A minimalist piece so named because of its kaleidoscopic properties.
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