RZ the Heretic
Electronic Christchurch, New Zealand
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RZ heretic
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Mystifying trance, body moving rave anthems. Drum and bass that you can nod your head to.
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MANOS THE HANDS OF FATE. It's shocking, money back.
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Real house music. For house fans. House remix of 'Set You Free' By N Trance.
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Maybe it's more happy hardcore. Fun dancey song
Peak in sub-genre #63
Just close your eyes and imagine.
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Done 50% with real life gear and 50% with FL6
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IDM inflenced psychedelic downtempo song.
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OMG I'm trippin' on acid!
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Video to come
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Remix of the battle music from the pokemon gameboy games. Not my best song, but definitely my most popular one :S
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