Rolland Harrison
Jazz Seabrook, USA
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Peak position #37
Guitar Duet with myself..Both parts played on my Triggs San Salvador.. Basically the old standard performed by everyone from Billy Holiday, to Janis Joplin, to George Benson..
Peak position #22
2 tracks. One playing walkng bass and rhythm simultaneously, the other track is me playing the lead. Tune is an original
Peak position #68 1
Just to prove my point... If you call it addressing the 2 chord, it aint a mode..LOL..
Peak position #12
Old jazz standard from 1942. Jimmy Bruno B/T from the Jimmy Bruno Guitar institute, and me noodling around on the L5..
Peak position #18 2
Took Jimmy Bruno's advice. Take simple melodies, and make chord melodies. This tune is 2 guitars.. The rhythm is the L5 chunking out the walking bass line with chord being thrown in the walking bass line..(Something I've been playing with a while.)
Peak position #46 2 2
The old Standard, played mostly using arps..
Peak in sub-genre #18 2 1
Excercise, targeting chordal extensions..
Peak position #85 1 1
Solo Guitar on the Old Standard.. Done on the L5
Peak in sub-genre #20
Jazz Standard
Peak in sub-genre #27
Straight out 1/8 notes. Moving along pretty rapidly, with sparse rhythm.
Peak in sub-genre #56
Having fun with chord voicings!!!
Peak in sub-genre #23
Guitar duet. I'm doing both parts on my ES175.
Peak in sub-genre #32
Bossa with a swing chorus.. 2 part guitar duo, performed by me on the L5.
Peak position #76
Chord solo guitar for the old standard..
Peak position #93
More old standard work.. Having a blast..
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