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Album: Sihnotites
02 - Michalakis 3:06 It is a satirical piece describing the story of a 13year-old kid who believes that he is a big music star. Lyrics: Decayer (Cypriot dialect) Music production and mastering: Mush
Album: Sihnotites
05 - Kypriaki Pragmatikotita (Cyprus Reality) 3.27 The climax of every DNA concert. The sounds of the Greek “zeimbekiko” accompanied by Cypriot lyrics make fans go crazy!
Album: Sihnotites
04 - Vorras kai Notos (North & South) 4:34 It talks about North and South Cyprus, the occupied and “free” parts, and how the younger generation realizes this reality that contradicts with the views of a mother.
Album: Sihnotites
03 - Poria Antistasis (Course of resistance) 6:46 “…course of resistance now, I’ve learned to see the invisible hands of the enemy”
Album: Sihnotites
Talks about the games of chance and human nature. It is about man who is so weak compared to nature. Lyrics: Decayer, MegaHz Music production and mastering: Mush
Album: Sihnotites
Kypriaki Pragmatikotita - Cypriot Reality
Peak in sub-genre #88
Tis Tyxis Ermaio.
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