KayaZ Music
Electronic North Bethesda, MD  USA
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Peak in sub-genre #44
Vinylestra frees your soul with pulsating, pounding bass, so deep, so heavy, so irresistable, it'll vibrate your brain cells!
Peak in sub-genre #31
You won't be able to resist the primal pull of this Dance Mix...it will get your blood flowing and your limbs moving! A HOT, driving bass line and enticing percussions showcase the heady overtones gracing this luxurious composition.
Peak in sub-genre #43
Haunting and forceful vocals by Arainia dominate this faith-reviving journey through this smoldering soundscape of Progressive Trance.
Immerse yourself in the liquid flow and entrancing, pounding beat of this rich composition whose synth melodies are teased out like fingers tantalizing your senses.
Peak in sub-genre #29
When KayaZ was four, he lived in Tripoli, Libya and has tried to recreate the sounds of the Arab night from his open window. 'Tripoli' is an intoxicating blend of North African and House music.
Peak in sub-genre #78
Acquiesce to the urge to move your body, allowing the Velvet refrains of 'Club Brasil' wash over you while its delicious, throbbing dance beat plunges deep into your psyche.
Exquisite locomotion, progressive bass, ringing guitars bring you on a journey you will be compelled to repeat again and again.
Ethereal and expressive auras slide through this Ambient Trance experience, making you want to get up and move with the thumping signature KayaZ beat.
Bottomless, bass-heavy beats drive this ambient influenced House mix. Soothing aerial synths float effortlessly through the whole track, carrying you to the heights of your imagination.
Feel-good vibe radiates out from the center of this alluring Ambient/House tune. Punctuated by resonating, synthesizers that play with all your lobes and body from a throbbing, sway-inducing, percussive foundation.
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