David Floodstrand
Jazz Winter Park, FL  USA prelude-entertainment.com
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Jazz, Blues, Cabaret, R&B, Nu Jazz, Ecclectic Rock & Roll cover tunes, sung in English, French, and Portuguese.
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This is my version of the song by America , yes that's right... that song! But wait, there's more! It's MY version, a bit more jazzy and I'd like to think it swings a bit more too.
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3 A.M., me, my piano, and an old microphone. A rumpled up pack of Lucky Strikes and a bottle of Johnny Walker (Black label) later, and this is the result.
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This a kind of a jazzy little lullabye.
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Modern Jazz meets Electronica, and Dub style.
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Nu Jazz Funk with a beatnick vibe and a sprinkling of scatdidlilyicious scat singing over the top. Based on a true story from my mis-spent youth.
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Great balad w/ horns & strings.
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My take on the Sinatra classic, done medium tempo with a bit of a blues feel.
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This is an awesome Latin Big Band arrangement by Matt Mc Carthy of The Swing in Time Big Band.
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A modern Big Band arrangement of this classic Cole Porter song by the 'Swing in Time Big Band' with vocals by David Floodstrand.
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This song is also known as 'A Day in The Life of a Fool'. From the film Black Orpheus. Performed here with both the English and Portugese lyrics by David Floodstrand.
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