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K-Gi Kage
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Innovative, independent singer/songwriter from Toronto delivers crisp, uplifting tunes.
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Regardless of what the odds are, there is a driving force in me that will not be deterred. Based on the diametrically opposite urgings of both mother and father, the quest for self-sustenance and self-subservience continues regardless of those moment
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An Apple A Day....
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During the course of our lives, we all will experience change. Any major change of location is usually accompanied by a period of readjustment and or assimilation. This may or may not be psychologically challenging. Nevertheless, the scars are indel
'13 Butterflies', the spiritual name of a very special angel, symbolizes both freedom and transformation, yet ironically is not free and remain unchanged...
An up-tempo fun hybrid blend of Reggae, Pop and R&B. Theme: Good student gets permission & throws a loud party celebration good grades. There is no 'smoking of drinking' just clean fun.
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Contemporary Reggae at its finest
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A song about the problematic of doping in sports, from the view of a fan. Die Problematik von Doping im Sport aus der Sicht eines Fans.
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A Cumbia song which makes you dance.
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Version number II of Al B. Moody with a darker touch.
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The Story of an African woman which is held back by troubles in life and how she finds liberation and freedom.
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A nice instrumental groove
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We ought to love the one in our bed and quit chasing the illusionary Cleopatra/Adonis in our head.
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Love aboard a Cruise Ship in ‘paradise’. Complex question/issues results in a promise to meet and be together forever on ‘the Other Side’)
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Regardless of the stresses along the road of life a good marriage of words and music (prosody), tends to lighten the load immensely)
Solutions to the tragedies and calamities of the human condition begins with respectful dialog. Finger-pointing get's us nowhere.
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