Andrew Martin
Blues Italy
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andrew martin
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Andrew Martin.English bluesman based in Italy.
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Peak position #9
My version of the old Rev.Gary Davis classic. Public domain
Peak position #8
Classic country blues.I use the old Gibson and the Regal Triolian.The sound of walking feet is a shaken box full of African nut shells ! Improvisation lives !
Peak position #19
Ragtime guitar piece using the National Resophonic Delphi.
Peak position #20
Great Blind Willie McTell song,using the 1976 Ibanez Concord 12-string
Peak position #23 1
My small homage to the great Fred MacDowell
Peak position #4
Recorded with my band for `Proof of Identity`.Listen for the beautiful chromatic harmonica solo by my good friend and special guest,Bostonian Mike Turk,a wonderful musician and harmonica teacher at Berklee College of Music.
Peak in sub-genre #38 1
One from Kansas Joe McCoy which I particularly like. Great prison song from Memphis Minnie's sidekick. Public domain.
Peak in sub-genre #94
Opening track for my first Italian CD `Proof of Identity`.Recorded with my band.
Peak position #41 1
My small homage to the great Blind Willie McTell.
Peak position #25 1
Part acoustic,part electric Chicago-style blues
Peak position #12
Don`t know much about this great song but I heard Charles Brown sing it in concert in San Diego.Scribbled the chords and took the words in shorthand(ex-journalist!)
Peak position #41
I`m very fond of the old railroad and hobo songs.This is one of the best I`ve heard.I play the Gibson,F5 mandolin and a woodbody Regal Triolian.
Peak in sub-genre #36 1
Classic country blues using the National Resophonic Delphi.
Peak in sub-genre #66 gumbo
Peak position #10 1
Beautiful old traditional blues,one of the saddest of them all.Recorded with my big old Gibson.
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