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Zitter is all about straight classic hard rock The fuzzy rhythm guitars and driving bass lays the ground for melodic licks and the catchy vocals.
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Sunny Day Holiday is a classic rock song, celebrating the fun of summer.
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The catchy Idiots is a critical view on people trying the easy way to fame by participating in reality soap operas.
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Red House is a punk n' roll song, telling the story about the house where Zitter’s music is created.
This fast moving punk ‘n roller is based on a sad, true story.
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Vulturistic beak n' roll in a monster fashion.
A smooth rock song.
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The title track! Says it all!
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This songs starts with a playful acoustic guitar in the verse before hitting the rock button in the refrain and bridge.
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Antiseptic will let you know what happened to Joseph after he got caught by the cops in King in Town. Sweethearts Mary and Caitlin do their best to make him feel comfortable, but does Joseph appreciate their treatment?
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This is Zitter's most popular song!
Don't you hate these mornings?
Peak position #14
Zitter doesn’t get more jazzy then this. But, the heavy rock lurks just around the corner.
Peak in sub-genre #75
This ut tempo rocker is the first part in the story of Joseph, a guy who is living his life on the edge.
A straight rock song.
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