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new beat :)
This is my best beat in a long time in my opinion
I don't really know what style this beat is so i put it at Beats General
New Beat. I'm trying to make a style kinda like RJD2's style with this beat.
New relaxed beat...
New funky beat
Some time ago since i uploaded a new beat... this beat is up-tempo compared to my other beats.. again this is in my opinion one of my best beats... New versions may come...
Damn! i really like this beat, im very proud of it.. only thing i dislike a little is the bass. I'm not good at inserting the bass to a beat. 16. Feb. - Updated with new bass
This beat is pretty hard compared to my other beats. I might upload newer version of it sometime. 12. Feb - Newer version uploaded...
Updated 12. Feb. - so i was not satisfied with the sounds from the version yesterday. new day, new sounds :P.. but i think i will stick to this one.
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