The Youth
HipHop Montreal, Canada
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Y.O.U.T.H. , You're Officially Under The Heat, HardLuck, Five-0, Piro, Vince, The Youth, Rap, Hip-Hop, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Youth, Unsigned, Band, Music
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HardLuck and VC, yet with another club killer
its clean. u can even call it features... grapefruit. (song for the girls) snowball.
Line-up: Five-0, Piro, HardLuck
HardLuck going solo
Peak in sub-genre #58
HardLuck on a Five-0 fired-up production
Hottest track hittin the clubs tomorow
Peak in sub-genre #38
Five-0 and Hardluck makin it happen on a Five-0 production
Line up: HardLuck / Five-O / Vince
Peak in sub-genre #19
Timberlake aint bringin' sh***, we're the ones bringin' sexy back. Line up: Vince / HardLuck / Five-0, produced by Five-0
Peak in sub-genre #26
HardLuck on the track
Hardluck and Five-0 teachin yall how we get f***ed up
HardLuck and Five0 talkin to the youth, the kids...
Peak in sub-genre #81
Another English Project, on a book I read: HardLuck on the track, edited by Vince and HardLuck and beat produced by StronsBeats.
Peak in sub-genre #7
Vince:english projekt i had to do on this book called WHORE, its a song about a prostitute contemplating suicidee , beat is where'd you go by Fort Minor
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