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DJ John Jarvis
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DJ John Jarvis is a Dance/Trance/Hardcore producer who produces music with either a very uplifting or happy feel.
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Peak position #50 5
A nice remix of a classic song of mine. Better mixed and mastered than the original with a few added bits to make it sound even more epic.
Peak in sub-genre #15 3 1
A nice, happy, upbeat tune.
Peak position #1 4 13
An update of the 2006 version. Made some improvements on my most popular song which reached no. 1 in the Soundclick charts.
Peak in sub-genre #16 3
Less melodic than what I normally produce but still very catchy and has a really nice synth sound that I made.
Peak in sub-genre #27 6 1
An improved mix of my incredibly happy tune. Enjoy.
Peak position #84 4
Peak in sub-genre #1 7 2
Total remake of my song Fantasy.
#21 (Sub-genre) 3
170BPM mix of Morning Light.
Peak position #28 8 1
A trancy remix of an old song of mine. Now extended to over 6 mins long with several enhancements from the last version I uploaded.
Peak in sub-genre #2 19 7
Peak in sub-genre #28 17 3
Peak position #64 6 1
Peak position #48 14 6
An update of Fantasy. Has some very nice synths from my Virus TI.
Peak in sub-genre #29 10 2
Peak in sub-genre #6 6 1
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