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Synth driven Rock instrumental, with a strong 60's organ lead and horn section. After polishing this tune, I'll record it in a studio; pitching it to Disney, the TV and motion picture industry. This one gets you motivated & your feet tappin' .
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1st draft copyright version. Up tempo rock tune with 60's organ, piano, and big brass section. In need of a lyrical re-write.
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Home studio copyright version. Up beat hookish Rock tune with a cool 60's organ and piano backbone. Looking for a hot "chick" band to record and co-publish this one. Although, the lyric can be sung by either a guy or girl vocalist.
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Home studio copyright version. The lyric in I DON'T KNOW WHY YOU STILL LOVE ME puts a new spin on a traditional style of COUNTRY music. The song tells the truth about how people treat others sometimes.
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Home studio copyright version. Hookish up beat ditty with a Texas Swing rhythm. Either male or female vocalists can sing this one- Looking for a band to record/co-publish this song.
Home studio copyright version. Organ and piano drivin' instrumental, with strong horn section and great beat; Rock and Country flavors. You are drawn right into this one during the very first few notes you hear. Lyric coming. See story.
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Home studio copyright version. Traditional Country sound with piano and strings. Song has dynamics with time signature changes and back beats. Clever,very unique heartfelt lyric; fresh approach to a Country song. May fit into a movie, or T.V. show
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Home studio copyright version. ~ DUET~ Country/Pop cross over, with impressive piano chords and catchy drum beats. I didn't have a girl to sing the female part so I sang both parts. So please VIEW THE LYRIC while listening to get the true message.
Home studio copyright version. Instrumental with a beautiful original piano melody played "Andante" accented with with horns and strings. I tapped in the drum beats by hand on a drum machine. May alter the melody a tad to fit a lyric I'm working on.
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Home studio copyright version...Piano & harmonica dominate this jazzy, Big Band era sound, complemented with a smooth string section. Can be sung by either a male or female vocalist.
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1st draft piano/vocal version. See cool pics for video w/lyric have tempo changes, jazz chords and movements in final draft...
Easy listening melody. I wrote the music in 1995, the lyric in 2004. See cool pics w/lyric @ for Ralph Johnson BIG WEDGE RECORDS Nashville TN just loved this one.
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1st draft (c) version. Main idea came form my own true experience; lyric was embellished with fictional story ending.
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1sr draft (c) version. Very nice melody pop/easy listening groove. See lyric to follow melody of this song.
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Home studio copyright version, written in 96' for Julie Carter- Nashville TN. Listen to the banjo and harmonica talk to each other in this up beat shuffle, with a snappy drum groove, and organ/synth pad in the bridge.
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