Modern Tiple Rockestra
Instrumentals miami, USA
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tiple and percussion come together to create melodies from the heavens
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Album: C'est TIPLE!
her toes looked so nice and were just angelic, taking steps that had their own sound....
Album: C'est TIPLE!
her touch was soft, was exquisite and it sang to me like this
Album: C'est TIPLE!
walking to see her was exxcruciating.... each step took forever
Album: C'est TIPLE!
she walked and created a rhythm and melodies with her legs
Album: C'est TIPLE!
the joy my brain felt from her lips upon me was straining my essence and keeping my senses waayward.
Album: C'est TIPLE!
the love poured from her eyes, the warmth from her fingertips, and my heart melted into liquid plastie and flowed over the couch and onto the floor
Album: C'est TIPLE!
magic fingers do their rasqeado and create a light eastern tango with south american tones and a brit touch.....
Album: C'est TIPLE!
it beat and it sang at the same time.... she just looked in awe and amazement .....
Album: C'est TIPLE!
devotion to her was like a note on a river flowing like water around rocks
Album: C'est TIPLE!
morning slumber and last night's date was still there making noises and saying nothing but still melting me with her eyes
Album: C'est TIPLE!
the mountains awoke under the sun, birds and beasts came alive
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