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Hip-hop without the guns, bitches and bling. Just good time party tunes, catchy melodies and a sense of humour...
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Just a little bit of anthemic chantery for 2004...
A love song to notes, staves and words. And drums...
All rappers are great with the ladies. Discuss...
The SAS of wacMCs songs: Gets in, gets the job done, gets out. It's about making songs, and rhyming words. Bounce on kids...
A serious blow to the head can have unpleasant consequences, as illustrated herein...
Raise your swords in the air and scream "I have the power!" Then listen to this super fresh new slab of wax. It'll help you get into the mood for slaying some evil. Probably.
Coming at your ears like a surprise Tango-smack, this tag-team treat will have heads nodding from Devon to Delaware...
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