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Folk rock meets blues rock whilst occassionally veering into psychedelic and prog rock.
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Peak in sub-genre #47
Battered torch song
Peak in sub-genre #13
Guitars by Greg Loyacano, bass by ray, drums by BAIB and vocals by Bob Harris.
Peak in sub-genre #13
Drums and guitar by Greg Loyacano, bass and guitar by ray, vocals by Casey Wells
Peak in sub-genre #4
An ode to Mr Wilson's disability.
Peak in sub-genre #60
The final mix: Gerry Steele played the guitar solo, Rami played the drums, Terry Berman sang & ray did the other bits. Mastered by Fran Ashcroft
Peak in sub-genre #21
A simple song about biblical conundrums
Peak in sub-genre #19
Eric Drabwell, vocals & guitars Erik - drums ray - bass & guitar Mastered by Fran Ashcroft
Peak in sub-genre #19
Trish: vocals & melody Gerry Steele: guitar solo Erik: drums ray: the other bits
Peak in sub-genre #20
A misanthropic tale of obsession and TV plots.
Peak in sub-genre #6
Folk rock political flute
Peak position #79
A bit of Psych Folk. The good cello parts were played by Miriam Webb. Terry does vocal and flute/recorder. Kim does the fem vocal and ray does the other bits.
Peak position #38
Psychedelic, psychotic, political, folk, rock, commentary on coffee table photography.
Peak in sub-genre #13
Good Camel Committee re-conclusion. A ditty about the political situation in Laos. Firstly titled Vientiane Blues but that was a little obscure.
Peak in sub-genre #22
Folk Rock tune with guitar, bass, Roland Drum machine, vocals and flute about the leaving of Saigon.
Peak position #62
Folk Rock with a really odd progression in the chorus.
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