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ashley powell
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One of my all time favourite songs with my own twist
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Tried to capture the flavour of claptons 60's playing with a modern sound Enjoy loud!!!!
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This is just a sample of the new Guitar Rig 3 software i was sampling for my cousin to listen too.
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Instrumental piece i wrote to a backing track for my Girlfriend, JS100, Korg AX30G, Amplitube Live amp simulator
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BB King Album...Fender Strat Plus Deluxe +Texas Special pickups, Amplitube Live
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Joes Surfing with the Alien Album, Blackbox Deizel VH4 Patch, Boss DS-1, Dunlop Wah Wah
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SRV's Texas Flood Album, 94 Fender Strat Plus Deluxe with Texas Special pickups, Amplitube Live,
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Joe's Crystal Planet album, JS100, Blackbox Deziel VH4 Patch, Boss DS-1, Dunlop Wah Wah
Va'is Alien Love Secrets Album, JS100, Korg AX30G,
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